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Our Mission

To advance the health of our local, national and international communities by promoting the development of improved medical therapies through the professionally superior conduct of safe and ethically sound human research studies.

HRHR conducts FDA-regulated clinical trials for a variety of national and international pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Since opening in 1998, we have tested investigational and established therapies in our local community for many indications including COPD, migraines, constipation, women’s studies, osteoarthritis, GERD, allergies, high cholesterol, vaccines, and many others.

Yes, we realize…

There is stigma.

At HRHR, our goal is to provide you with easy to understand information regarding participation in clinical research trials. We value your participation in research and regard you as a partner in the pursuit of a common goal.

The goal? A commitment to improving quality of life through the careful study of better medical treatments.


Meet Our Team

The people committed to improving quality of life through the careful study of better medical treatments.

Ted Quinn


George H. Freeman, MD

Principal Investigator

What our patients are saying about HRHR…

“Dr. Fisher is a fine, caring person, has a wonderful personality, good sense of humor, and a very good physician. He takes ‘TIME’ with the patient, and ‘listens’ to my feedback. He discovered a spinal problem…and helped me a great deal to find a neurosurgeon, and be treated. My P.C.P. was totally useless. Thank God for Dr. Fisher…”

“Friendliness & professionalism of HRHR staff was of the utmost respect and concern. A truly rewarding and informative experience.”

“Very professional and very informative.”

“Everyone here is wonderful. Please continue to do allergy studies. I Love working with you all in hopes of possibly finding ‘relief.’”

How We See Our Mission

Health Research of Hampton Roads plays a key role in implementing and improving a wide range of medical treatments for future patients while keeping the health and safety of our patients above all else. We stand strong in keeping all of our work ethically sound, and we pride ourselves on truly caring about our patients’ needs. I am proud to be a part of this team knowing that we are making such a difference, not just in our local community, but around the world.

Danielle Merian, BAPatient Recruiter

Clinical Research is vital to the production and improvement of medical treatments and devices for the future. Without volunteers for these clinical trials, there is no advancement. We truly appreciate the sacrifice of each of our patients, and we recognize their health and safety as the most important factors. Our team of professionals treat each patient with care and compassion. There is no time limit when it comes to making sure they thoroughly understand and all of their questions are answered. HRHR is a wonderful environment for both our team and our patients. Come see us soon!

Catherine Q. Gular, PharmDClinical Director
Upcoming Clinical Trial

Knee Arthritis

There are currently NO CURES available for arthritis. People with arthritis are still looking for ways to better manage the symptoms. Get in touch with us today to find out more about participating in our UPCOMING clinical research study on Knee Arthritis.


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Our focus is on delivering the highest quality service through our
commitment to patient safety, quality data collection, and rapid enrollment.
Therapeutic Interests

Gastrointestinal | Urology | Women’s Health | Respiratory | Metabolic | Musculoskeletal | Cardiovascular | Dermatology | Allergy | Vaccine | Neurology | Infectious Disease

Center Collaboration

We’re a privately owned, multi-therapeutic research facility. HRHR is fully dedicated to providing efficient and high quality Phase II-IV clinical trials.

Recruitment Services

Health Research of Hampton Roads is located in a strategic mid-Atlantic region, described as Hampton Roads, with a population of over 1.6 million people.

Services for Sponsors & CROs

HRHR has brought together a team of clinical research professionals committed to a single focus –
study conduct and outstanding performance records in a wide variety of therapeutic areas.

How important is Clinic Research really?

Behind every medicine and intervention that people have ever taken, are thousands of patients who have volunteered to participate in clinical trials, which have led to many breakthroughs in disease prevention and treatment in the last half-century. Without the willingness of these individuals, many would have suffered.

Ultimately, because “every medicine or medical device must be fully vetted through closely monitored and highly regulated clinical trials to insure their safety and effectiveness,” patients receiving medical care should be encouraged to participate in clinical trials. For those people who participate in clinical trials, they are the heroes that are helping to develop the new drugs, devices, biologics, and treatments for the future, and improving the care of all Americans.

Health Research of Hampton Roads has been on this journey for over 20 years now, and we believe we’re making life better for those that suffer from incurable conditions. We’re looking forward to another 20 years with our community and the chance to end the scourge of currently incurable diseases. We’d love for you to join us on this journey.