staying a <strong>step ahead</strong> of constantly changing viruses<span>.<span></strong>

staying a step ahead of constantly changing viruses.

By the Numbers

Viruses exist at the border of living and non-living organisms and survive by invading host cells to take over their biochemical processes.


Vaccines to combat viral infections in the U.S.


People worldwide have received of a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine


Viruses are linked to the development of cancer in humans

The Why

While the individual impact of an infection can range from fairly mild to a major health concern, COVID-19 was a reminder that a virus’ ability to spread and mutate rapidly can create disruption on a broad scale. Scientists are creating vaccines that inhibit viral proteins without damaging host cells.


HRHR has been at the forefront of clinical trials for a variety of vaccines.

  • Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine approved June 2022
  • COVID-19 vaccine approved June 2022

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