advancing medical research for over<strong> 25 years<span>.<span></strong>

advancing medical research for over 25 years.

Health Research of Hampton Roads (HRHR) conducts FDA-regulated clinical trials for national and international pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Since opening in 1998, we have tested investigational and established therapies in our local community across many fields of study, including migraines, a variety of skin conditions, smoking cessation, viruses, weight loss, women’s health, cholesterol and hypertension.

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality of patient-centered research, while advancing the health of local, national, and international communities. We elevate new possibilities for healthier lives through the development of professionally superior, safe, and ethically sound medical therapies.

Developing New Treatments and Therapies

Developing New Treatments and Therapies

Clinical research plays a crucial role in improving patient care and driving innovation in the field of healthcare. Through rigorous scientific investigation, researchers can find new insights into the causes and progression of various health conditions.

These trials have paved the way for personalized medicine, tailored to individual lifestyle and specific health needs – bridging the gap between scientific discoveries and their practical applications in patient care, contributing to the ongoing progress of medicine.

Meet our team

Our passion and profound knowledge of clinical research methodologies is what drives our commitment to elevating new possibilities for healthier lives.