nurturing wellness for a <strong>stronger tomorrow<span>.<span></strong>

nurturing wellness for a stronger tomorrow.

By the Numbers

Women experience a variety of unique health concerns throughout their lives and are impacted differently by many conditions.


Of reproductive age women are affected by endometriosis


Of women over the age of 65 experience some urinary incontinence


Women of reproductive age have uterine fibroids

The Why

While women account for roughly 50% of the world’s population, their unique health concerns have traditionally received a much smaller fraction of research focus. That’s changing as dedicated researchers are making strides in treating many gender-specific conditions.


We’re a proud partner to leading pharamaceauticaul companies in their investigation of new drug therapies devoted to improving women’s health.

  • Elagolix sodium for pain associated with endometriosis approved July 2018
  • Vibegron for over active bladder approved December 2020

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